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Nerve Therapy

Nerve pain, sometimes called Neuropathy, can be debilitating, but fortunately there are a range of nerve therapies that can be performed by a professional to help you manage the pain.

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What Is Nerve Therapy?

Just like neuropathy has many causes, there’s a variety of treatments depending on the cause of your nerve damage, as well as the symptoms of nerve damage/neuropathy that you’re presenting with. This, as a whole, is what we call nerve therapy.

Anybody with nerve pain may undergo nerve therapy – typically this will be somebody who has suffered a severe injury or fall, disease or condition. But it’s critical that anybody suffering with this pain does seek medical intervention, because the pain can be extreme and nerve therapy is their opportunity to reclaim their life.

Why is Nerve Therapy Performed?

Nerve therapy is only performed when a patient is presenting with peripheral neuropathy, which is pain due to nerve damage.

Without proper treatment, this pain can escalate, even causing muscle paralysis in some extreme cases.

How is Nerve Therapy Performed?

The specifics of how nerve therapy is performed will differ depending on where your nerve pain originates and the severity of it – spinal nerve pain or sciatica may require some form of chiropractic care, whereas nerve pain elsewhere in the body could require other forms of pain management, physical therapy, and even transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

This is a conversation to have with your healthcare provider, as they develop a custom plan for you.

What Should I Expect After Nerve Therapy?

Depending on the exact specifics of your treatment, there may be other side effects that your doctor will discuss with you ahead of treatment. Overall, the most common side effect to expect is soreness at the site of the treatment – this will dissipate after a few days.

This minor short term discomfort is the first step to lasting relief from your nerve pain, enabling you to reclaim your life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nerve Therapy

1. Can naturally occurring cells help nerve pain?
Yes, naturally occurring cells and other regenerative medicine could help nerve pain if traditional methods do not work or are ruled out for you.

2. Does physical therapy help nerve pain?
Yes. Physical therapy can help treat the stiffness, inflammation, and soreness associated with nerve pain.

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