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Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very personal journey, and we know it can feel like an uphill battle. Medical weight loss combines a doctors experience with the ability to use medications like Semaglutide to lose weight without surgery, while maintaining the loss with lasting results too.

Woman pulling jeans forward from her waist to show weight loss

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Non-surgical medical weight loss is the support of a full team of doctors behind you as your dedicated weight loss team, supporting you as you embark on your weight loss journey. Your weight loss and wellness plan can include a range of different treatments, from exercise plans to semaglutide injections, to ensure this lifestyle change provides the lasting results you’re looking for.

This is an option for many patients. Because non-surgical medical weight loss is an overhaul of everything from medical therapies to the way you approach diet, the effect of this treatment is life long for many patients.

Smiling girl in a mirror holding a measuring tape around her waist, happy to document her weight loss

Why is Medical Weight Loss Performed?

Medical weight loss is a treatment option for a variety of patients, and you will work with our doctors to set specific goals that are unique to you. The most common reasons patients choose medical weight loss are:

  1. Weight related high blood pressure
  2. Weight related high cholesterol
  3. Diabetes
  4. Weight related sleep apnea
Man standing next to a medical professional while he is being weighed at a medical weight loss clinic

What Should I Expect After Medical Weight Loss?

Because this medical weight loss program is custom to your needs, the specifics may differ.

As standard, this program could include a range of techniques such as IV infusion therapy, food sensitivity and genetic testing, behavioral health, physical therapy, and lab work.

A close up shot of a doctor in a white coat measuring a patient’s body with a measuring tape for weight loss tracking

Why is Medical Weight Loss Performed?

After your customized medical weight loss program concludes, patients should expect to continue the healthy habits and exercise plans put in place during. This is critical to ensure lasting weight loss results – and can ensure patients get their lives back.

While some of the treatments in a patient’s customized plan may have minor side effects, the healthcare provider will discuss them ahead of time – and there should be no severe or long term effects.

An image of a smiling nutritionist showing an older patient a healthy diet for weight loss

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Weight Loss

1. How much does medical weight loss cost?
The pricing of non-surgical medical weight loss varies based on where you’re located and what your custom treatment plan would include. Get your pricing here.

2. How much can be achieved by medical weight loss?
This depends on your current weight and how well you adhere to the program and recommendations from your dedicated weight loss team. But our medical weight-loss program helps patients to achieve far more than just a change on the scale – instead also achieving a lifestyle change.

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